Gig Review: ¡Forward, Russia!, Night & Day, 15th February 2006

¡Forward Russia!We’ve now seen ¡Forward Russia! three times in fairly quick succession and even though I’ve barely taken the time to listen to them on record, they are rapidly becoming one of my favourite new live bands. The last proper show at The Music Box the crowd seemed rather subdued and very taken aback at the band’s energy. This time, thankfully, it was a full on celebration of chaos. The band belted through their numbered tracks while much moshing madness occurred in the crowd, which seemed to be full of youngsters that went to every gig, knew every song and were bursting to show their unbridled adoration for the band.

As the band ripped through their fast-paced, guitar-driven howl of a catalogue the crowd surged around, worrying a few females stood near me who had worn some very inappropriate footwear for this sort of gig – there’s a reason us indie types like our Doc Martens ladies! Beer and cigarette ash were flying everywhere and it took the band several minutes to get the crowd to stop surging and shouting long enough to play their one quiet-ish number – 5 – which I must say was one of the highlights of the evening for me. Also good, per usual, were 17, 7 and 9.

This is one band who may be taking a cue from their contemporaries and their love of angular, 1980’s arty, post-punk guitar rock, but they do it with so much style and intelligence and energy that hopefully before long they’ll be playing to larger crowds than those at the Night & Day.

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