Hopes for 2006

As we’ve yet to attend our first gig of the new year or buy any new CDs (no, we’ve not bothered with the Strokes album for the time being), I suppose now is as good a time as any to reflect on the music I’m most looking forward to in the next 12 months.

So far there’s an impressive list of future releases. By far the ones that pique my interest the most are new offerings from current favourite The Shins, Morrissey‘s Ringleader of the Tormentors and the rumoured solo offering from Brett Anderson co-written with Fred Ball and possibly featuring an appearance by Richard Hawley. I’m also looking forward to hearing new releases from Belle & Sebastian, Neko Case, Calexico, The Dears, Jarvis Cocker and The Secret Machines. Not to mention the live CD/DVD from Eels. It should be a bumper year as these are only the ones I know about, and that from bands I already love.

Here at Indie Cred HQ we’re also already getting geared up for festival season. I know January (actually, December) seems a bit early, but a Shins-curated day at All Tomorrow’s Parties featuring in one afternoon not only The Shins, but also The Decemberists and The New Pornographers sounded like the best way to spend a day either of us could think of. We’ve never been to ATP before because we’ve never had friends willing (or, more to the point, able) to go with us so it would have been too pricey. Finally you can buy tickets in pairs and share a chalet with strangers. Daunting, perhaps, but so is sharing a field with loads of drunken teenagers prone to rioting and that always works out in the end too. Which brings us to Leeds Festival. I’d love to say this year that I spent a whole day in the New Bands tent. It probably won’t happen as there’s always too much going on across every stage, but it would be interesting. We’ll see.

We’ve also started ticket-buying for the next couple of months. I’m especially looking forward to seeing Nick Cave, Death Cab for Cutie, Calexico and Iron & Wine and Broken Social Scene. We’re also waiting in anticipation of Morrissey announcing that 4-night Manchester residency we’ve heard talk of as well as some proper tours from those bands releasing new albums. I’d love to see some more great up-and-coming bands and look forward to seeing more of the likes of Nephew and Forward Russia, amongst others.

Now is also that point where I can settle in with all the CDs I didn’t get to know very well last year. I’ve promised myself to give the proper time and attention to a number of CDs I liked on first listen but haven’t spent a lot of time with: Wolf Parade, Elbow, The National, Sufjan Stevens, Stars, Broken Social Scene, Iron & Wine, Calexico & Iron & Wine, Okkervil River and Andrew Bird. That’s already a long list and probably means I’ll be doing the same thing this time next year with 2006’s records. I’ve yet to acquire copies of the second Rogue Wave album and the most recent New Pornographers CD. Both were on my Christmas list but nobody saw fit to buy me any CDs this year. Not even The Ledge. Oh well.

I’ve also decided that it’s ridiculous that in our CD collection I can count on one hand the albums we own that were made prior to 1976 (unless you count Ledge’s impressive collection of Neil Young and Leonard Cohen CDs). My mission for 2006 is to start looking backwards a bit at some records that influenced the bands I love and try and improve my musical knowledge. So far we’ve started with David Bowie, and I am getting used to his voice, which is what kept me from listening to him in the past. Next up: Bert Jansch, Bob Dylan (that voice thing again!) and The Small Faces. It’s a tall order, but I figure if I superglue my iRiver to my person and just wear headphones all the time, it will all become part of my subconscious.

As for the wishlist for the blog, we’re still working on a design. The Ledge is fast becoming a CSS supremo and I’m pushing him on the issues of web standards, SEO and both accessible and usable design so at some point we’re going to launch a spiffy new redesign which should be (mostly) squeaky clean and lovely on any browser or device. We are also going to get some MP3 content up on the site for your listening pleasure.

So here’s to a industrious and glorious musical 2006!

5 Responses to “Hopes for 2006”

  • The Ledge Says:

    Hey, you forgot to mention the return of Mogwai with their hotly anticipated “Mr. Beast” album due in March. And the Tortoise/Bonnie Prince Billy covers album “The Brave And The Bold” out later this month. And there’s new bands like The Library Trust and The Young Knives to look out for. 2006 will, in all likelyhood, rule.

  • JustHipper Says:

    I did not forget Mogwai and Tortoise. Excitement, however, is not what comes to me when I think of those two bands. Something more akin to nausea and the words “pompous,” “monotonous” and “drivel.” The Library Trust, however, was a blaring omission.

  • The Indie Credential » Blog Archive » CD Review: Brett Anderson, Brett Anderson (Drowned In Sound, 2007) Says:

    […] I’ve received in my post bag a 5-track sampler from Brett Anderson’s forthcoming solo album (March 26, Drowned in Sound). Some of you may remember that I’ve been anticipating this record for a while as I was a huge Suede fan, I thought The Tears album was very good and I do genuinely think that Brett has a good album left in him somewhere. This record, however, if the promo sampler represents the highlights, is not it by a huge margin. […]

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