Indie Cred Answers Your Questions about Indie Music

Most people don’t realise but when you come to our blog from a search engine we can tell what you were searching for. We get a lot of unusual search queries bringing people to us, and often we can tell what information they’re looking for which they probably aren’t finding. Now, we aim to provide good service to our readers so this is the first in what I will try to make an ongoing feature where we try to provide the information that music fans are trying to found out there on the great World Wide Web. Here goes.

andy diagram james woman – Umm, as far as I am aware, he is a bloke. I’ve met him and he was pretty manly. He was also very friendly. He does have a penchant for wearing dresses on stage if that’s what you wanted to know.

best indie music of 2008 so far – That’s a tough one, there’s so much I’m enjoying right now. My favourite albums this year so far are probably Dig! Lazarus, Dig!! by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Stay Positive by the Hold Steady, Invitation Songs by the Cave Singers, The Midnight Organ Fight by Frightened Rabbit, Evil Urges by My Morning Jacket (well, the second half), Visiter by Dodos and the Jaguar Love album whose name currently escapes me. I’m sure there’s a few others I’m forgetting in my heat coma. In case you’re interested, I’m also still obsessed with Boxer by The National, Cease to Begin by Band of Horses and The Stage Names by Okkervil River.

beth ditto weight problems – Why yes, she has them. Enough about it already though.

blogs on leeds festival – We’re not specifically a blog on Leeds Festival, but we’ve been a bunch of times. It used to be a great festival. Last year it was pretty fucking terrible. Read what we’ve written about: Leeds Festival 2007, Leeds Festival 2005

bob mould the hold steady – I’m guessing somebody’s seen a review comparing the new Hold Steady album to Bob Mould and Husker Du. There is a definite influence, which The Ledge mentioned in his review of Stay Positive by the Hold Steady.

does brandon flowers ever feel nervous with fans – Now I’m guessing this depends on the fans. I mean if you’re a lovely young lady gushing over how gorgeous he is, that may make him a little uncomfortable. If you’re a 40-year-old man asking him questions about being a Mormon in the music industry, possibly less so.

drunk woman can’t stand video – Are you looking for a specific person here? I don’t mind video myself, even when I am a bit drunk. In fact, I’d had a few drinks last night before The Ledge put on an old VHS recording of REM on MTV Unplugged and I rather enjoyed watching it! You might try YouTube for video.

female indie singers – We like female indie singers around here. If it’s recommendations you’re after, I’m particularly appreciative of the work of PJ Harvey, Kim Deal, Tanya Donelly, Kristin Hersh, Neko Case, Joanna Newsom and Kim Gordon.

indie comb-over – Ahh, this is a particular hairstyle that indie boys who are starting to thin at the front seem to like. Grow your hair a bit long and make sure you have that messed-up, just got out of bed look so when your hair is combed forward onto your forehead a bit, it looks like it’s fashionable rather than disguising a receding hairline. The guy who opened for Devastations a while back had one. He was pretty good. You can read about the gig by following this link.

why tolerate pit moshing – The simple answer is because you’ve been silly enough to stand front and centre at a gig with moshing and if you move you won’t be able to see. The better answer is because people mosh and this is because sometimes moshing is fun – like at Art Brut gigs and Wedding Present gigs. The reason there is a section of a gig called a “pit” is cause that’s where you go to mosh. Either stand to one side, stand behind it or join in. Don’t stand in the middle of it and moan cause it’s happening.

we met on train after springsteen concert 2008 – No, I’m pretty sure we did not. I’ve never been to a Springsteen gig, sadly.

run naked through the grass – Really? Honestly, I don’t think you’d find watching it that enjoyable. Sorry to disappoint but I’m far too shy to attempt public nudity. Feel free to try it yourself though.

And that wraps up this week’s public service posting. If we get some more “questions” via search queries we’ll try and answer those too.

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