To the person who gave us these, thank you.

A kind person gave us wristbands to get priority access to see Battles which meant we were able to jump out of the massive queue.

To the person who gave us these, thank you. Next time, sort it ATP. There’s a lot of very disappointed people.

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  • Matt Davies Says:

    So what went so wrong with ATP? Was it still a good weekend? Saw BSS in Sheffield on Wednesday night and they said they had a great time, but then as one of the acts they probably would have done. Was the organisation really that bad? I was GUTTED when tickets for ATP sold out before I could afford to pick some up but if it was a bit of a shambles I’ll put it behind me and start looking forward to Summer Sundae ;D

  • Justhipper Says:

    It was a great weekend, but aspects of the organisation were unbelievably frustrating:

    -Long queues for smaller stages when nothing was on the larger stage
    -Incredibly popular acts booked twice on the small stage and people turned away the first night are given wristbands. People turning up the second night have no idea, wait around for hours only to get thrown out and sent to the back of a 1,000 person queue so the wristbanded folks get in first. These poor people did not get back in. If wristbands to one or the other performance had been given out at check-in, as has occurred in the past, there would have been a lot less hassle for everyone.
    -Nothing presented as an alternative to Explosions in the Sky who may have chosen a great lineup but are my idea of aural torture
    – A total of 6 less bands on compared to last year meaning less choice
    – A higher percentage of acts on at unsociable hours (e.g. after midnight) when at my age I’m ready for bed, especially after a couple of drinks

    And since when does a round of drinks for 2 people cost £6.90? That’s just uncouth.

    Oh and the worst crime – being forced to be in the same postcode as Jens Lekman.

  • Peter Says:

    just finished up at primavera barcelona and they had it well sorted, if you wanted to see acts like portishead (who were amazing) in the fancy auditorium you had to buy a ticket (for a nominal fee of 2 euro), maybe atp need to do something like that, or work around the noise restrictions and have bands like dino. jnr, battles et cet play in the main stage regardless of the time

  • Justhipper Says:

    Sounds amazing. How were Portishead?

  • BankCardUSA Says:

    closed? already? im heart broken..

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