Bloggerpalooza + Sounds From the Other City Wrapup

Well, it’s been quite a day and a reasonable success with our moblogging experiement. There’s a few kinks to work out but you can scroll down and see a few photos. The proper review will be up in a few days. We were dead impressed with Moulettes – enough to buy a CD – and we will be looking out for upcoming shows.

Cheers to everyone at Bloggerpalooza for setting up quite a special event and letting us take part. We really enjoyed our live DJ’ing debut and we hope everyone liked the tunes. For those of you who just couldn’t get to a computer to hear it streamed live, we’ll post the set sometime in the next couple of days.

5 Responses to “Bloggerpalooza + Sounds From the Other City Wrapup”

  • jonthebeef Says:

    Hey there

    Thanks so much for playing yesterday – you guys were ace!

    We recorded the live stream, so give us some time and we’ll drag your set out of it. We’re going to put together a podcast too with the best bits of the day.

    Thanks again!


  • JustHipper Says:

    Cheers! We had a blast.

  • Tom Kerswill Says:

    I always seem to end up missing Sounds from the Other City. Looked like a great one this year. The Moulettes are a real treat to watch… their music somehow fits with the warm weather too I reckon.

    Enjoyed your twitter updates on the day, despite being at a random beer festival in Yorkshire! Definitely do more twittering – it’s a good way for me to catch up on what good gigs are happening!

    If you’re around this evening, Jon Gomm, Ragnhild (Bee’s Neice), Samson and Delilah, Bleeding hands, and me 🙂 are playing at the Kro Bar (opp. academy) tonight from 8pm. Andy (Bleeding Hands) and I are putting it on:


  • JustHipper Says:

    For some reason this went into moderation. Weird.

    The Moulettes were an amazing surprise – part Beirut, part Decemberists and the 2 female singers are brilliant.

    That gig tonight sounds good. Sadly, we’ve got other commitments. Keep telling us about these things though :).

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