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Music Blog-lish?

The Observer has written an article about how music blogs have developed their own language to describe bands. It’s actually quite interesting, suggesting that we, as bloggers have the power to alter the English language by setting up our own distinct subculture.

They also reckon that we’re going to be the driving force in breaking new acts from now on, stuff like The Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and the Wolf Parade (who Ledge saw last night after reading about them on another blog).

Yay to bloggers!

And to the guy from the Village Voice who has now coined the terms “turbochoad” and “pre-market cum,” you may have just about managed to one-up the inventors of “fucktard” and “cuntingly hip.” Now if someone will just provide a definition for “turbochoad” I can start using it in conversation….

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A comic after my own heart

Yes, it’s more gig etiquette, this time from Questionable Content in the strip entitled Number 16: You’re Ruining the Moment.

If you like that, you should also have a look at Diesel Sweeties which is also brilliant.

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Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

Once upon a time, the way things worked was you’d hear a song on the radio that you liked. If you liked it enough you might go buy it as a single (and the single would have four tracks and cost about £1.99, but that’s another rant). Eventually, the band would release a second single. Again, you’d hear it on the radio, probably on John Peel’s show and you might even hear it done in a session. It’s also possible that you might manage to catch the band in question on tour, either their own or opening for someone else.

All of this activity, then, would lead to an album. And you’d go out and buy the album in the first couple of weeks after its release. You might even go see the band play live, this time definitely headlining. There might be a third, or even fourth single. You might buy them, you might not, depends on which tracks were released and what reviewers said about the b-sides. After 8 months or a year (or 18 months) the band would disappear back into the studio and start working on a second album.

Does that sound familiar?

Not anymore.

Yes, this week has seen the re-release of Bloc Party’s excellent debut album Silent Alarm. The re-release comes complete with two extra tracks not on the original release as well as a DVD. Yes, you heard it right. All those people who waited a year to buy the album have just been rewarded. For the same price you paid back before Bloc Party were playing large venues, the latecomers have been rewarded with two extra tracks and a DVD. To add insult to injury, fans who purchased the album before this travesty have been given the chance to purchase the DVD (yes that same DVD the noobs are getting for free) for £4.99. So, having spent hard earned cash to see Bloc Party when they were still in toilet venues, having bought the album on the first week of release and having told everyone I know to check them out, the band’s record label have rewarded me by allowing me to buy a DVD people who have contributed less to their bank accounts are getting for free.

Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t seem right.

Now far be it from me to come out as a full-on indie snob. I think Bloc Party are a fantastic band and the more people who discover this the better. Bloc Party deserve to be playing massive venues to huge acclaim. They’re interesting and intelligent and rather good songwriters. But I do feel a bit like the record label are biting the hands that feed them a bit.

Now, Bloc Party are not the only band to have done this. It’s really quite unfair that I’m poking them with my big stick. In recent memory bands who have pulled a similar nasty stunt include The Libertines, Elbow and Morrissey. At least with Moz the extra CD only had b-sides he’d already released so if you’d bought the singles, like most Moz fanatics, then you were ok.

In the other two cases, however, if you wanted the extra CD or DVD you needed to either buy the album a second time or at the very least shell out a few extra pounds for the extra CD or DVD.

The problem here, though, is that hardcore fans are likely to spend that extra money. So record labels know they can take advantage of that.

I remember about 15 years ago a band called James released an album called Goldmother. Subsequently they also released two singles that sold by the bucketload. You might have heard of them. One was called “Lose Control.” The other was a little-known ditty called “Sit Down.” Subsequently the band re-released Goldmother with a different tracklisting. They removed two songs, “Hang On” and “Crescendo,” and replaced them with the aforementioned singles. Fans were aghast. They complained in droves, so the record label allowed fans to exchange the original for the re-release, should they so desire.

Now, call me crazy but an album with a changed tracklisting, I’d buy both in order to have all four songs. But in the case of adding entirely extra discs to a package, why shouldn’t fans who can prove they’ve bought an album be given the extra disc for free as a thank you for their loyalty? Or even better, start a fan club, charge a nominal membership fee and send the fanclub the free disc. Then, instead of giving it out to latecomers, just drop the price of the CD by a couple of pounds into the mid-price range. Either way, fans won’t feel they’ve been screwed.

I’m sure this is going to fall on deaf ears because record labels know they’re onto a winner. People who might not have bought the album will because they feel they’re getting something for nothing. At the same time, the hardcore will go out and buy the package a second time. Result.

Personally, I think it’s time for the bands to stand up to this, take control of what is done with their songs and just say no.

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Gig-Goer of the Week, part 2

Yes Ledge, I do have something to say about the guy sat behind us at the Eels gig. Now, as Ledge pointed out, Eels gigs are a very special thing. They happen only rarely and usually Ledge manages to do something stupid which keeps us from getting tickets (“It won’t sell out, we’ll get tickets when we get back from our honeymoon dear….”) which means they are even rarer if for us than most people.

My guess is they’ve been playing SEATED gigs for a reason – they’re doing the songs acoustically, they want people to pay close attention to the instrumentation and the audience, for the most part, appreciated that and was sat in SILENT reverence. Except one guy. He was sat behind us, naturally. He was singing LOUDLY, not only all the words, but the instrumental bits as well. Yes, this jackass was singing along with the guitar parts. How big a dickhead does that make him? Plus, as he recognized each song at the start he kept screaming “Yeah! Alright!” and clapping really loudly and woo-woo-ing. Like, is EVERY Eels song his favourite?

Thing is, anyone who’s as into a band as this guy clearly wanted the entire audience to understand he was, would probably know that the band in question, for about three years, has tended to do a final encore AFTER the lights have gone up and half the audience has left. This fucktard bolted for the door the moment the lights came up. Idiot.

Now, it may be just me, but it would seem that if you’re the only person in an entire audience behaving like you’re behaving – be it moshing, singing loudly, whatever, you should perhaps take the time to consider whether, perhaps, your behavior is going to annoy, injure, or generally piss off those around you.

So another rule of the gig:

If nobody else is doing it, and if it will affect those around you – DON’T.

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Which Band Are You?

Two great music quizzezs at Quizilla:

Which Creation Records Band Are You? (I am the Jesus & Mary Chain).

Which Britpop Band Are You? (I am Suede)

If anyone has any others, do let us know!

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Check Out the Hoff!

Amazon’s reviews of David Hasselhoff are one of the funniest things I’ve read in ages. It almost makes me want to buy his album. Well, no, it doesn’t, actually, but these reviews really are good for a laugh.

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More Gig Etiquette

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who is generally appalled by people’s behavior at gigs. I found a link to an article about rude people at gigs on the 6 Music website. And it is so true….

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Sony’s Payola Settlement

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has actually listened to their radio in the States that payola is alive and well. I mean, what else could explain the atrocious stuff coming out of the speakers? But, Sony has just been forced to pay a settlement of $10m for offering radio stations incentives to play such “brilliant” artists as Celine Dion, Duran Duran and Good Charlotte. The wonderful BoingBoing have put up a link to a document containing Sony’s memos on the subject. Or, you can just go straight to the 59-page .pdf file of the Sony payola memos themselves.

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The Smiths to release a new single…

…and other stories at a genius spoof website of our national disgrace of a weekly music paper

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Get some Indie Cred

I’ve found this very simple guide to faking your indie cred at SoYouWanna.

I’m actually appalled that someone may have got wise to us.

It was never going to fool all of the people all of the time. Oh Well.

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