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Mobile Blogging from The Indie Credential!

Some of you may have noticed the weird posts appearing and disappearing tonight. Sorry. We’ve been attempting to set up moblogging so that we can post directly from the festivals we’re going to this spring and summer. At some point we’ll get it all configured properly so we can add commentary to the posts, but in the meantime, if you want to see Bloggerpalooza live as it unfolds, or Sounds from the Other City, keep checking in with us on 4th May!

Bloggerpalooza is part of this weekend’s Futuresonic Festival in Manchester and takes place at the Contact Theatre on Oxford Road on Sunday 4th May from 6pm onwards where some of the city’s finest music bloggers, and us, will be spinning some of their favourite records until midnight. We’re on from 6-7pm; bottom of the bill, we know, but we’ve never DJ’ed before so it could well be a disaster. Come along by all means, or alternatively, listen online from the Futuresonic website. Other bloggers taking part are Yer Mam, Cosmic Disco, Best Foot Forward, Shoplifters and Black Country Grammar.

Posted by JustHipper on 2nd May 2008 at 11:30 pm | comments (2)
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