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Gig Review: Leeds Festival, Saturday 27th August 2005

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After Friday’s tent hopping it was a relief to be able to spend the whole of Saturday at the Main Stage. We got there in time to see the last 20 minutes or so of Goldie Lookin Chain of whom the kindest thing I can find to say is that they were mildly amusing on occasion.

Next up was one of the bands I really wanted to see this weekend, The Wedding Present. Having seen them over 20 times before in small clubs or university unions it was a bit strange to see them playing outdoors at a festival in front of thousands of, mostly indifferent, punters. Gedge and co., as ever, were wonderful, running through a shortened version of the set we saw them play in Leeds in March. “Interstate 5” was just the right song to get things started, early on a warm Saturday afternoon with the breeze blowing through our hair. An energised “Don’t Talk, Just Kiss” was the [Read On…] »

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Gig Review: Leeds Festival, Friday , August 26, take 2

Having overindulged a wee bit on Friday night with some lovely folks camped near us, I woke up VERY worse for the wear on Friday but still really looking forward to a fantastic day of bands, and I was certainly not disappointed. [Read On…] »

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Gig Review: Leeds Festival, Friday 26th August 2005

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The first day and I succumb to the English disease: I see a queue and I have to join it. Never mind that if we walk past this queue we might find a much shorter, faster moving queue that my joining would not technically be deemed, if it came up in court, as pushing in. But no, we wait for forty minutes in the big, slow moving queue until JustHipper decides to cut out and investigate the situation further ahead. She’s American, she can do shit like that and feel little or no shame afterwards. Ten minutes later and she’s texting me that she’s in the NME Tent awaiting the arrival of Art Brut. And ten minutes later still I’m there with her, just in time to see Eddie Argos [Read On…] »

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